And, sometimes life just gives you lemons….

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You all know the old saying….  “If life deals you lemons, then just make lemonade”.  Sometimes, the potential to come out with lemonade just isn’t possible.  And, that being the case – you take the lemons and you enjoy them.  You’re still alive, surrounded by family and friends, and it just can’t be that bad.

I still don’t think it’s all that bad.  However, my close family is feeling quite a bit more of a sting than I am.

Last Wednesday, September 23rd, a routine colonoscopy (I’m 49 for God’s sake…. they start wanting to do those things anyway!) uncovered a mass.  It’s not pretty – regardless of where it is.  It’s about 5 cm in size. The Dr. took a biopsy and as of today – we don’t have results back yet.  But, the reality is – given the type and location of the tumor – it’s malignant. Probability – for those that are interested in such things – 90%.

However, that’s not the end of the story.  Because of a poor cleaning of the colon, they were only able to get through about 1/3 of it.  So, I’m set for another colonoscopy on this Wednesday at 11:30 AM.  They also plan to do an ultrasound to look at the current tumor and get a better understanding of what we are really looking at (insert your own joke here…. Yes, I have a ton of them at the moment… 🙂 )

The current belief is that there will be surgery.  There will be radiation. There will be chemotherapy. All of this is just fine…. I can get through this and I plan to live a long life yet.  I have a number of things that I want to do, family that I owe time, and a wife that needs much more care right now than I do (I’m going to have Dr’s and nurses…  she’s going to need all of you!)

But, I plan to take control of this and my care.  My hair is going to grow until it starts to fall out.  Then, I’m cutting it off myself (with the help of my hair stylist, of course). If you are familiar with Gears of War, I’ll be in the “Marcus Fenix” skull cap.

Future Postings

The future postings to my blog – this blog – might start looking a lot more like “Twitter” tweets.  If I post something that says “I’m on the patio”, that’s likely exactly what I’m doing that day. Most of you that know me know that the hardest thing to get me to do is to stop working.  Well, that’s not going to change.  This is therapy for me. This is a passion – and Microsoft has provided me with an outlet for my abundance of passion.  The weird thing – they PAY me for the privilege of having THIS MUCH FUN!

My colleagues at Microsoft are some of the smartest people on the planet. We may miss on products, but we always seem to come back with a killer product. There is so much fun, so much potential, so many challenges – I am truly blessed to be able to work here.

So, the intent for this blog from here on out is to collect my thoughts.  There will likely be rants (many of you that know me wouldn’t know me if I didn’t get on the soapbox now and again…), there will be updates on my journey through cancer treatment.  And, there will be gaps.  Not every day is going to be as good as this one.  Some days, I’ll likely not even be able to get out of bed – due to the effects of the chemo, the radiation, or surgery. But, I will be sitting (though where the tumor is, that might not be pleasant either…) in front of the computer.  And, when I’m here, I’ll take a few minutes now and again to post what’s going on with my treatment.

That’s it for now.  Tiger Woods has just won the FedEx cup for 2009, with Phil Mickelson winning the Tour Championship.  It’s a good day today.



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