A lot of techno-jargon…..

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and none of it coming from my mouth.  I got a call from the Dr.  I now at least know what I have, but don’t have a full diagnosis yet.  The pathologists that reviewed the biopsy from the tumor described it as:

“High grade of dysplasia with features suspicious of carcinoma”

So, what does that REALLY mean?  It really means that I have a cancerous tumor.  How bad?  Don’t know yet. I still have the second colonoscopy on Wednesday and Endoscopic Ultrasound to determine the size and spread of the tumor.  With luck, it hasn’t gone through the membrane wall (meaning hasn’t spread any further than the mass itself).  That’s best case.  The next cases are less wonderful, but it obviously starts becoming really bad if the tumor is into the lymph nodes or other organs.  All very possible, I suppose. For each type and stage, there is a treatment, with levels of success.

But, I guess that’s why the Drs. get the big bucks.  I also have an appointment with an Oncologist on October 8th. I’m fairly sure he’s well-paid, too.

One step at a time….  It’s the best any of us can do.



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