Monday…. And, for Rick –it’s not a bad day!

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I’m truly blessed to work for who I work for.  Microsoft cares for their employees more than any company I have encountered.  Last year, when I transitioned from being a Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to working as a Technical Writer I never knew how much of a profound impact this would have on my professional and personal life. One, who thought I would *LIKE* writing?  I hated documentation so much in my earlier career, that I would do nearly anything to avoid it. However, when I did finally buckle down and do it – I think I did pretty well.  So, instead of advising customers on how to implement our solutions, my audience is much bigger – Microsoft Field people, Microsoft Partners, and our entire customer base.  It’s fun – but editors can be a pain.  But, in the end, editors are my best friend.  I get to write things the way that I want to – and they make sure that it’s presentable to an international audience.

Let’s make no mistake – the past months have been somewhat rocky.  Sue has been used to me being gone 80-100% of the time.  Now, I’m here 100% of the time.  Often, I’m not sure me being here all of the time is such a good thing.  And, I’m pretty certain she has no idea what to do with me on some days. I work from home in my office in the basement.  The only company I have during the day is the two cats that Sue gave me for Christmas in 2008.  Milo and Abby are truly the best daytime friends I could have here.  They sleep most of the time, crab to go outside, and poop.  Well, and now and then Milo decides he has to crawl up on my shoulders to see what I’m doing.  He just lays there and watches me work.  The only problem – he’s about as subtle as a bulldozer.  I have the scars on my arm, neck, head and shoulders to prove that he jumps up with all claws ready to grab whatever is there.  But, he’s such a sweet meatloaf of a cat.  Picture Garfield.  Milo *IS* Garfield, in every sense.

Back to Microsoft.  Think for a moment.  If I had been diagnosed while still working for MCS, I really don’t know what the net of that would be.  Working from home, writing documentation on our Office Communications Server(OCS) product, as well as articles for an online presence and continuing my work with the OCS Resource Kit (we’ve produced two editions – and I’ve submitted two and six chapters, respectively) – I can still be productive except for the really bad days.  And, anyone that knows me – you know that a weekend is just another day for me to do what I love.  As I mentioned in another post, it stuns me to no end that Microsoft actually PAYS me to do what I do!  It’s not often that you get to do your HOBBY as a JOB.  And, this is so very passionate for me.  Could I think of a better therapy?  Not bloody likely.

This weekend, I decided to research my current motherboard and other parts in one of my computers, because one of my short-term goals has been to have a Macintosh (Apple) OS X (the operating system – like Windows for PC’s, but for Macintosh hardware) running for test and educational purposes.  Well, last week I found the information I needed.  Armed with a fully licensed copy of the Leopard version of OS X and the help of the really smart folks at I know have a fully functional ‘Hackintosh’.  So, why is this important?  One – if you’re a true geek, you know already.  Two, we (the OCS Product Group) are putting out products to allow Macs to participate in OCS as a client OS.  It means that I can test things against the OS that I would not have been able to before.

So, that was my weekend – doing research on OCS and defining new articles to write, while setting up and testing my very own little pet Macintosh… Err, Hackintosh.

Sometimes life just gives you lemons.  You deal with it and you move on.



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Rick, Thank you for the facebook invite. I am very happy to hear from you. I am also happy to hear that you are in good spirits and sorry to hear the news about the results of your test. If you or your family need anything please reach out to Dean and I and let us know. We are doing well and we both have always enjoyed your friendship. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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