When “Kinda bad” is REALLY “Great news!”

Posted on October 1, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The second colonoscopy and ultrasound went very, very well yesterday.  The first “OK, that’s awesome news!” was that the rest of the colon is fine – no apparent other lesions, polyps, etc.  It’s clean.  That is really, really, good news.

So, the rest of the story is now centered on the one known mass. Dr, Schafer did an ultrasound of the mass and the surrounding tissue. The tumor has invaded the wall of the colon and beyond to a couple of small lymph nodes.  That’s the worst of it.  Which, is actually pretty good.  Why?  It’s actually not as bad as I thought it might have been.

The upside is this: It’s treatable.  Because it has not compromised the lymphatic system (short of just a couple small nodes) radiation and chemo will shrink and kill off the cancer before it gets worse and proceeds any farther.  After that, we get into surgery to remove what’s left of the tumor and the colon wall.

The next step is to meet with the Oncologist and consult with him as to the treatment, what order or chemo/radiation/surgery, and to get things going.  I’m looking forward to moving quickly with this, and know that I’m in good hands for the care and the fight ahead.  Radiation and chemo is going to suck – I know that.  But, I’m ready for it and I know that there will be good days and bad days.  Being a realist about what is to come is the best way to get prepared.  The bottom line is that I’m going to be OK, and my “bucket list” can wait a little bit longer.  Or, better yet – I can work on what’s there currently and add new items.  Yeah, that’s a better plan.


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