Odd situation right now. I WISH I had cancer…..

Posted on October 19, 2009. Filed under: The 'C' Word |

This is just frustrating to some degree.  The two Doctors that did the colonoscopies, the Oncologist, the Radiation Oncologist, and the Surgeon – all are 100% certain that the tumor is cancerous.  When something acts like cancer, reacts like cancer to the tests that have been done so far, it should be pretty easy to conclude that it’s cancer.

I wish someone would tell the biopsies and the pathologist.  Two biopsies, re-read by different pathologists, and the same diagnosis comes back: “High grade dysplasia with properties suspicious of cancer” or something really close to that.

Why is this so frustrating and so critical?  Well, oddly enough, no one will treat you for cancer until you are actually 100% beyond all shadow of doubt deemed to have cancer.  And, apparently, a doctor with years of experience is trumped by a biopsy of a tumor that just does not want to be properly diagnosed for what it is.

So, I’m currently in limbo and have another appointment with my Doctor to go back for another rectal exam and biopsy. What’s kind of scary (to me, at least) is how big of a piece of this thing is the Doctor going to want this time?  I think that all of the actors involved here pretty much know that we need to get a solid diagnosis and get the treatment started. I guess if the drugs are good enough, he can take as big a piece as he wants. :o)

One thing for sure – the tumor isn’t going to get better on its own…..



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