Odds, and what I’ve actually accomplished

Posted on December 13, 2009. Filed under: The 'C' Word |

I’ve won the lottery.  You now, the Powerball – with a powerball value of x5.  Plus, the Publisher’s Clearinghouse folks dropped by to give me the grand prize check the other day.  Add to that – I found out that a deceased person needed me to help get the family estate money out of Africa and I got 3 million dollars just for helping.  And, it wasn’t a scam!.

OK – none of the above actually happened. But, seeing my Oncologist and my Radiation Oncologist – they both had a message that was more important than all three of the above:

“Rick, it’s time that we end our professional relationship.”

What this means, simply – is that I beat huge odds – massive ones when we are talking about colon cancer.  I am cancer free. It was caught in Stage 1. The rarity of this actually happening is small – surprisingly so.  And, there was a set of circumstances that were set into place in early September of 2009 that allowed this all to happen this way.

1. My Primary Care Physician LISTENED to me when I was describing some odd bowel issues.

2. He decided, rather than waiting another year, to send me in for a colonoscopy.

3. Contrary to my nature, I didn’t procrastinate – and made the appointment for a week after seeing my Primary Care physician.

4. From that point forward – things took on a life of their own – to the conclusion of Friday.  I am well.

I also thank the wisdom of my Doctors to keep going back to trying to get a biopsy that CONFIRMED the diagnosis of the second colonoscopy and the endoscopic ultrasound.  If they did not keep trying for this hard and fast diagnosis, or that one of the biopsies returned a positive on the cancer, radiation and chemotherapy would have started for a carcinoma that needed only to be REMOVED – not killed off and reduced.

Because this cancer was completely and totally contained in the wall and muscle of the colon, there was no further involvement of any other tissue.  No lymph nodes, nothing.

Yes, I have won the lottery.  Check the odds.



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