Reversals of Fortune

Posted on January 24, 2010. Filed under: The 'C' Word |

Apparently, I’ve been a complete and total slacker on posting updates, thoughts, musings, and general crap to my blog.  Sorry – I do apologize.  So, let me make up for that:

Happy Holidays, and Best of the New Year to everyone!

So, now we’re generally caught up.  I turned 50 yesterday.  My kids think it’s just a hoot that I’m ‘old’.  Right.  It’s a number – get over it.  I don’t feel any differently today, Sunday and 50 years plus one day than I did on Friday, 49 years 364 days.  It’s a number.  Let it go…..  Seriously.  Worrying and fretting over such mundane and stupid things causes ulcers, tension headaches, and the downfall of the world economy.  (I have a few thoughts on that subject and a few more, but I’m not going to turn political in this blog….)

On Monday (tomorrow) I go back into the hospital.  No worries – this is all planned.  The intent was always to reverse the ileostomy and reconnect the small intestine to the colon.  What that means for me is that there is no more ‘bag’ catching waste via a stoma in my abdomen (right next to my belly button) to deal with.  Overall, a good trade.  But, it does mean another ~5 day stay in the hospital, and a home recovery period of potentially up to 3 – 4 weeks.  Again – good trade.

And, once more I’m getting on the soap box: 

If you are having odd bowel habits or note blood in your stool – see your Dr.  Soon.  Just to be 100% sure: There is no normal reason to have blood in the stool.  None. Zip. Nada.  See your Dr.

Set up and get those colonoscopies. Be honest with yourself and your Dr. about any symptoms that seem to be abnormal.  Don’t bury your head in the sand and just try and convince yourself that the symptoms will go away.  They may be very normal, but what if they aren’t?  The message is simply this – if there is a problem – ignoring it is not going to make it go away.  Cancer or pre-cancer lesions don’t ‘just get better’. The first thing that needs to happen for your overall health is listen to your body and respond when things seem wrong.  I’m not advocating a lifestyle as a hypochondriac. I am advocating seeing your health care professional when you are experiencing something that is not normal FOR YOU.  What’s normal for me is one thing – and you’ve read what is not normal for me in this blog.  Talk to your Dr.  Remember – early detection means that your chances of a cure are GREATLY increased. 

You can hit the lottery just like me.  But, my lottery means a lot more years of life rather than cash.  I’ll take the years, thank you.



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