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Well, You Don’t Have an iPhone. No shit….

Posted on May 14, 2011. Filed under: Ramblings and Rants that don't fit anywhere else |

AT&T are now, seemingly, on the desperation tour for getting people to use the iPhone. You know a marketing campaign is in the desperation phase when, instead of trying to convince you that you can’t live without it because, well, you just won’t be cool anymore – they move to shaming you.

Certainly you’ve seen the latest spate of inane iPhone commercials. I guess they are done trying to convince you that it’s ‘magical’. ‘Fabulous’. ‘Incredible’. And all of those other adjectives that no one except Steve Jobs would actually use in the same sentence.

Now, the catch line for enticing you to buy an iPhone:

“If you don’t have an iPhone…. Well, you just don’t have an iPhone.”

And, so that leads to what I tend to say every time I see one of these commercials: No shit. Which, in the three hour period from 7PM to 10PM, I utter ‘No shit’ about 60 times. And, yes, the wife gets pretty irritated about it. Not that I don’t have an iPhone – she doesn’t either – but that I keep saying ‘No shit.’

There is absolutely NOTHING about the iPhone that can get me to buy one. Zero, zilch, nada. And, no – for those of you who know me personally and think I wouldn’t buy one because of who I work for – it has nothing to do with that.

Consider this: Harley Davidsons USED to be cool. Now it seems that everybody – from CEOs to janitors and lawyers (the similarities in their actual job responsibilities are striking, if you think about it), and yes – even accountants – all own a Harley. The iPhone went into the same category about 30 seconds after it was introduced. It’s just not interesting and cool if every freaking idiot and their soccer mom sister has one.

“If you don’t have an iPhone…. Well, you just don’t have an iPhone.” No shit. Oh, and Thank you, Capt. Obvious.

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Why the heck don’t I post more? I there a problem? Just lazy?

Posted on March 29, 2011. Filed under: Ramblings and Rants that don't fit anywhere else |

The latter – just lazy – gets close, but doesn’t exactly describe my issue with not posting more to the blog.

Consider that I’m a Professional writer (which, I am….:-)). If you are an auto mechanic, you don’t go work on your own cars for fun in your spare time, or if you’re a CPA do you look for things to write a new spreadsheet for.

Frankly, I write stuff all day long. It’s not what one would call ‘relaxing’ to sit down after 8 – 12 hours of document writing to then write blog posts. The LAST thing that I really WANT to do once I write all day long is to, err… Write more.

But, I’m going to look at this outlet as more fun and a way that I can express opinions, findings, and other interests related information outside of the sphere of a technical writer for Microsoft on the Lync Server team. I won’t be writing much about Lync here. But, I will be posting reviews of books that editors send me to, well, review. You might find the occasional rant (I’m sure that’s a surprise) on various things – movies, people in general, people in specifics, politics, (heh… that’s a whole series of topics in itself…), etc.

Look for more frequent posts – but it’s not going to be a Twitter-like thing. Unless, of course, if I’m on the back porch and I think you just need to know it. (BTW, don’t look for me on Twitter… Mindless prattle. I really don’t think that someone needs minute by minute updates on what I’m doing. Way too voyeuristic for me. And, no offense, I don’t really want to know what you are doing minute by minute. If I really want to know – I’ll call.)


The opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone. The information posted here may or may not be the opinion or stated position of my employer (Microsoft Corp.) and should not – in any way, shape or form – be construed or mistaken for the stance of Microsoft or the Lync Server product group and team. It’s all me – good, bad, or indifferent.

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